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"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete"

- Buddha



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Metamorphosis to Mom

Metamorphosis to mom is a place to share content from myself and others with the goal to help those on the path to motherhood feel better prepared for what may come (spoiler alert: it is not all flowers and unicorns even when a much desired baby comes) and to know that they have a supportive community where they can share their feelings and experiences in a place free of judgement. 

About Me


Dr. Jessica Vernon, MD, FACOG

I am a board certified OB/GYN and Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine in New York City.  I am a physician advocate working to decrease healthcare disparities and to bring awareness and better support for women with peripartum mood disorders. But this is not all that I am. I am also a mom, wife, daughter, and friend. My identity is multifaceted and I bring  perspective and experiences from my whole life with me in my mission to help other women along their journey.


Media and Publications



Today Show Interview with Hoda and Jenna

Podcast Radical Audacity in Love & Life with Tiphany Kane

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

Expectful Courses: Decoding Doctor Speak with Dr. Jessica Vernon


WHO Releases New Guidance on Peripartum Mental Health

2021 Picker Gold projects to address infant health disparities, vaccine deliberation and perinatal mental health

To the Expectant Mom with a Million Questions and Worries

How to Prepare for the Emotional, Physical, and Social Realities of Life Postpartum

Jamie Chung had twins via surrogate, so why did she have postpartum depression?

How an OB-GYN didn't realize she was struggling with postpartum depression

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